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What is Book aTruck?

BookaTruck is a breakthrough e-platform for logistics ecosystem. It enables a disruptive pricing mechanism and delivers reliable transport service to its customers. The platform generates efficiencies for all stakeholders in the value chain. All stakeholders involved in the transport value chain such as Transporters, Brokers, Small and large fleet owners, Large-Medium-Small enterprises, and even the drivers, helpers and operational staff will be benefitted from this innovative platform

What are the benefits of Book a Truck?

The site has multiple benefits for different stakeholders:
For Clients (Load Providers)
• Economical Pricing
• Easy tracking of the In-Transit Inventory
• Operational efficiencies
• Record Retention
• 24x7 customer care

For Vendors (Load Carriers)
• Load Generation for returns
• Better pricing
• Asset tracking
• Tracking and alerts of compliance requirements of assets
• Better utilization of Assets
• Better payment terms
• Record retention
• 24x7 customer care

How can I register on BookaTruck website?

Registration on Book a Truck website is very simple. You can fill in Registration Form either online or call our customer care number. A confirmation email/sms will be sent to you on approval of your registration.

What to do if I forgot the password of my account?

If you have forgotten the password of your account, it can be reset by clicking on the Forgot Password button on the Login Page.
You can also call our customer care executive at 011-395 95 395, in case of any queries.

How can I change my User ID and Password?

For User Id, you can use your registered email id and send a mail to the Admin or call us at 011-395 95 395.
To change the Password, login to your profile and click on Change Password.

How can I Edit/Update account information?

To Edit/Update your Account Information, first Login to your account with your registered Email/Mobile Number and Password, after which you can edit your profile by clicking on Profile.

Is it necessary to have an account with BookaTruck for posting/booking of Trucks and Loads on the website?

To do any transaction on Book a Truck website, you must have an active account. For registration, go to the registration page or call our customer care at 011-395 95 395.

Is it possible to post Trucks/Loads if I don't have access to the Internet?

Yes, you can call our customer care at 011-395 95 395 for uploading of Trucks/Loads on the website.

What is the system/IT requirement to work on the website?

BookaTruck is a technology-driven logistics company for which a basic computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone with an internet connection is required to access our website. For Apps, you may require android supportable Mobile or Tablet. In case you have connectivity issues, you can call our customer care at 011-395 95 395 to transact offline.

Does BookaTruck take part in actual transaction taking place between the parties?

BookaTruck is a Goods Transport Agency (GTA). Any transportation transaction which happens on the website is between BookaTruck and the other party, which can be either client or vendor.

Is my information safe and secure with

Yes, BookaTruck ensures 100% safety and security of its users' information. We use various security measures like SSL to ensure that the information is stored securely. Furthermore, we use encryption while storing sensitive information.
Your information is restricted for internal use only.

How does BookaTruck secure my payment?

We use 128-bit SSL in our website and the payment gateway used is of PayU Money, making your payments 100% secure.

How does Book a Truck help me as a Transporter?

The benefits which can be expected by the Transporters are outlined below:
• Better pricing
• Asset tracking
• Tracking and alerts of compliance requirements of assets
• Better utilization of Assets
• Better payment terms
• Record retention
• 24x7 customer care
• Load Generation for returns

What types of Trucks can be posted on website?

The truck types available with us can be seen on the Fleet page which is posted under Useful Links on the homepage. You can post any of these mentioned trucks else if you have any other type, then please contact our customer care at 011-395 95 395.

How will I make or receive my payment?

Book a Truck will agree on an advance payment % which will be paid by you / to you on or before the start of the trip. Balance payment shall be made against the PoD
Book a Truck prefers an online payment through Internet Banking. In certain exceptions, we can transact through Cash upto a certain limit

How do I get to know about the loads that are available in the market?

The system will intimate you of the loads available in your sector automatically through SMS / email. It will also be available on the website / App, once you login. In case of any clarity, contact customer care at 011-395 95 395.

How can I bid on the Loads?

You can bid on the loads either by logging in to the system or by calling the customer care at 011-395 95 395. If you wish to know more on bidding, you can see the Tutorials section.

How do I get the intimations about my bids?

You shall receive SMS / emails as well as calls from Book a Truck team

How do I submit the PoD?

The physical copy can be handed over to any branch of Book a Truck after unloading of the vehicle by courier or by hand, at the earliest.
A scanned copy through the app / website to be sent after the truck is unloaded within 24 hours.

What if the consignment is not covered under transit insurance?

BookaTruck enables the in-transit insurance process for consignor / consignee. If there is no in-transit insurance, Bookatruck shall take a declaration from the consignor / consignee for the same.

How do I get GPS for my truck(s)

You can order GPS devices by going on the Tracking page on the homepage or you can cget in touch with us at 011-395 95 395. Our team will be happy to help you in procuring GPS devices.
A GPS device on your truck helps you in getting more business as the customer’s confidence on reliable services increases. It also helps in ensuring operational efficiency like return loads, detention calculation and transit time delays.

How does BookaTruck help me as a Customer?

Our objective is to deliver high quality service assurance to customers. We also provides data solutions for intelligent buying decisions and contracting services.
In a nutshell, the benefit arising to Clients are as follows:
• Economical Pricing
• Easy tracking of the In-Transit Inventory
• Operational efficiency
• Record Retention
• 24x7 Customer Care

How to post my truck requirement in advance?

You can post your Loads, Material detail, Date of Dispatch in advance on the website. You can put in your requirement on the homepage by clicking on 'Need a Truck' button.
BookaTruck will match your requirement and send you the quote for your acceptance.

How can I check in-transit status of my shipment?

You can check your shipment status anytime on BookaTruck website by logging in and clicking on the Track button attached to the load. You can also call our customer care at 011-395 95 395 to check the status of your shipment.

Who ensures the service post bid acceptance?

BookaTruck platform is designed for customer service delivery assurance. All shipments are tracked on real time basis and alert goes to stakeholders instantly if any delay due to vehicle breakdown, accident or any other uncontrollable situations like flood, fog etc. Our 24x7 customer care team takes care of the tracking online as well as offline.

How is my goods insured?

Insurance of in-transit Goods is taken by the Consigner. BookaTruck enables the in-transit insurance process for consignor / consignee. If there is no in transit insurance, please read the terms and conditions carefully which outlines our liability.

What if the truck is rejected by my quality team for any reason?

In such a case, Bookatruck will place an alternate vehicle in shortest possible time and inform the customer.